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FreeStyle Optium Neo H

The Freestyle Optium Neo H blood glucose and blood ß-Ketone monitoring system has been specifically designed for the hospital point of care setting and continues to be the only company offering individually foil wrapped strips.1

The Freestyle Optium Neo H offers a range of new features

Improved accuracy2

  • Freestyle Optium Neo H exceeds the latest ISO15197:2013 guidelines for improved performance accuracy in the clinical blood glucose monitoring market
  • Improved haematocrit performance via strip technology and algorithm across a wide range of patients, including critically ill and neonates Minimal interfering substances

5 second test assay time, saving you time for bedside testing.

  • Low and High out of range indicators.
  • This can be set as required per meter or across the hospital to alert the user to a patient blood glucose result outside a specified range.
    – Quality Control Reminders
  • Only requires a small sample size of blood of 0.6uL
  • Easy to use hospital grade meter designed with a large easy to read display

1. As of August 2016 among leading hospital brands of blood glucose test strips (Roche,AMSL). Source: Manufacturers websites

2. Evaluation of the FreeStyle Optium Neo H blood glucose and blood ketone monitoring system, sponsored by Abbott Diabetes Care, 2013. Data on file